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RULES workshop:

DO try this at home. I am making various new RULES drawings, and i invite you to join. Per section we make 1 drawing: i give a set of rules, we all draw, et voilá: lots of drawings. And maybe we, you, or someone will have some thoughts on the process to share. You can join all sections, or 1 or 2, whatever you feel like. But the coolest thing would be to start with the first set, and just follow along until the end, some day.

I don't set a timeframe, so no one has to feel rushed. Take as long as you want or need.

It is quite simple: take a piece of paper, a pencil or ink pen or so. Make some margins, and you are ready to go.
The size of the paper and the margins can be anything you want. If you have little time and energy, make a small drawing. If you want to spent many hours: make it big.
Or, you could also choose a large size but then combine it with a thick marker: it will be more rough, but faster as well.

When you are on Mastodon, you can use the #RULESaug2023 for comments and questions. Or share your drawing with us! If you prefer, you can instead send an email to hannahcelsius@pm.me
All thoughts and comments will be placed here (anonymously of course), but i hide them from sight so you won't be influenced before you start drawing.
If you in stead WANT to be influenced, or a looking for some input: then click the Thoughts and comment sections beneath each set of rules.


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1. First set of RULES

1. First set of RULES

The rules:
1. Draw 27 small lines within the margins, horizontal / vertical/ skewed / whateveracle you want.

2. Then connect all the lines into one large line, starting with the most top left, ending with the most top right.
Do not connect the first and last; you will have two loose ends.

3. Then draw along the line a new line, parallel and close to it, all the way following it from start to end.
Do this on both sides of the line.
And again. And again.
Do not connect the starts or ends.

4. Continue until you want to finish. Or maybe come up with a new rule?

5. When finishing, decide what to do with the loose ends, if there are still any.

New rules were added later on during the drawing process, see them in the comments beneath:

comment by Hannah:
The first difficulty you may encounter, especially if you use a large sized paper, is when connecting the small lines (Rules nr. 2), you had to use large lines, which you want to be straight.
And drawing straight lines can be difficult.

First: you don't wanna use a ruler, because that's annoying, and gives a totally different result and feel. And it might smudge the ink, and so on.

Second: There is no rule to make all lines straight. So you could play with that. Me myself, i had some too long straight ones, so when starting to multiply them, i make tiny 'hickups' in the lines. So the next following line can be drawn in steps, using a 'hickup' as a stepping stone:

Example of the hickups in the lines
In this sample of the hickups, you can see the inner line (the first connecting, long, straight, line) slowly changing into a hickupped line. This way you can draw shorter straight lines, which makes it a lot easier.

comment by Hannah:
Whilst drawing, and thinking about creating hickups in long straight lines, i can't help thinking about life.
Life with all kinds of hickups.
And i now am wondering, if we can use these hickups as stepping stones as well. Dó we use them as stepping stones maybe, but are we (i) not aware of that?

comment by Hannah:
One of the Rules was, to let the loose ends loose. But. Reality always bugs in. Somehow i started to connect the new lines to the finished lines at the end point.
Because it seems the only logic way to do so:

Example of how i connected it

comment by Hannah:
New Rules, nr. 6: What are your rules? Are you already tired of mine?

Example of how i connected it

comment by Hannah:
I might have to add a new personal Rules rule:
7. Just keep going, don't mind the giant gap between my interests and the ones of others. Can we artists exist without others appreciation?

This was a comment i added on Mastodon at the time of live-workshipping worshopping, because of the utter frustrations one gets when doing the things you love, but no one responds.
Then 2 people responded that they wanted to join the party, but did not find the time at that moment.

25-9: comment by Anonymouse-1 (translated from Dutch by Hannah):

Drawing with pencil on white paper by Anonymouse-1
Drawing by Anonymouse-1

I didn't know what to expect, the rules seemed very strange to me. I want to learn to draw, especially animals i would like to be able to draw.
First thing i encountered was in which order should i connect the 27 lines? I used a ruler first, but when trying to draw the following lines that did not work: i just could not see it right. So then i thought: maybe this is a lesson in hand-eye coordination? Is it?

I chose a small A5 sized paper, because i didn't look at the rules before starting. So the whole drawing did not take very long, which is good because i'm quite busy with my work in city politics. At first i found it boring, the making of the same sort of line over and over. But i must admit, when i encountered the first 'problem' (what to do when a line meets the margin border?), i think i got a clue of the purpose of this workshop. Do you want people to learn how to cope with difficulties? And make them see that you have choices? I like that, because as a politician that's what interests me a lot. People always have a choice. I assume you feel the same, regarding what you're doing here.

25-9: comment by Hannah:
Thank you Anonymouse-1 for your interest in my drawing workshop.
You'd like to know my intentions for this workshop. Actually i have only one: to show people how drawing connects to life, and maybe, very very maybe it might perhaps give you some insights every now and then. I don't teach anything, i am not a teacher of things. So - But if you thought it was helpfull for your hand-eye coordination improvement, that's very cool of course!
I don't know who you are - you used a strange name and even more stranger email address - but if you are really a politician, then my guess is you're somewhere between the nominal left to far right. No, i don't think people always have a choice. Lots of people don't have a choice, because of lots of rich people make wrong choices. Of course this depends on many things, and of course at some levels people will have a choice.
Maybe they have a choice in which line to draw next to the other one. Or whether they choose a pencil or an pen. But on many levels there are no choices, or the choices are between both bad things.

Also, i don't know what you mean with 'regarding what you're doing here'. What am i doing here? Where is here? Do you mean 'here on earth' or 'here on this website'? Please enlighten me.

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