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°Celsius tydschryven 9  oktober 1996

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DateTime: 2023 jan 19, 13:30 CET
Author: Mulder
[nl] Graden Celsius tydschryven 
 Personages:Francis Ford Coppola 
 Personages:Robert Zemeckis 
 Personages:Stephen Frears 
 Personages:Nanni Moretti 
 Personages:Peter Weir 
 Personages:Sidney Lumet 
 Personages:Oliver Stone 
 Personages:Dennis Hopper 
 Personages:Ye Hung-Wei 
 Personages:Aki Kaurismäki 
 Personages:Patrice Leconte 
 Personages:John Huston 
 Personages:Milos Forman 
 Personages:Jim Jarmusch 
 Personages:Nicholas Ray 
 Personages:Quentin Tarantino 
 Personages:B. Bertolucci 
 Personages:Hal Hartley 
 Personages:Kurt Cobain 
 Film:Apocalypse Now 
 Film:Back to the Future 
 Film:A Beautiful Laundrette 
 Film:Caro Diario 
 Film:Dead Poets Society 
 Film:Dog Day Afternoon 
 Film:The Doors 
 Film:Easy Rider 
 Film:Five girls and a rope 
 Film:Leningrad Cowboys Go America 
 Film:Le Mari de la Coiffeuse 
 Film:The Night of the Iguana 
 Film:One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 
 Film:Permanent Vacation 
 Film:Rebel Without A Cause 
 Film:Reservoir Dogs 
 Film:The Sheltering Sky 
 Film:Rumble Fish 

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