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Radio Klotestad Webshop  nederlandish

First of all: i can ship to outside the Netherlands, but it is at your own risk.
Second: this webshop is oldskool.

You cannot put items in a basket, or pay with iDeal or such. There are many reasons for that, but most important: i'm just a person trying to sell some of her artworks for a little money, so i can keep on making things.
I do my best to keep the prices low. The only exception is for works/series that are on show via galleries etc; then other rules apply, so those are in a higher price range.
If you have any questions: sent me an email! ↓

The fun part of this all: it is really very easy to order an item:

1. Just send me an email, and tell me which item you want to purchase, and to which name/address it must be sent.
2. Then in return i sent you an email, with a payment request from my bank.
3. You pay, and make sure you have given me the address where the item should be sent to.
4. I send the item, and if applicable send you the track & trace code. And thank you very much!

Information of each item is displayed at the bottom of the images.
Your order and/or questions can be emailed to hannahcelsius@pm.me
Watch your spambox or put me in your safe folder!

Books  [click on an item to enlarge]

Item B5: The bent oar.
A graphic poetry leporello (harmonica book). English (more items in Dutch on the nederlandish page)

Paintings (small)  [click on an item to enlarge]

Drawings (smaller than A4)  [click on an item to enlarge]

Drawings (A4 sized)  [click on an item to enlarge]

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DateTime: 2023 june 30, 15:24 CET
Author: Mulder

 graphic poetry

 Drawings and paintings: webshop

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