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Newly added items
jan 5:    CW: The misogyny files: Partially translated: now 70 (of 154) anecdotes for you to read.

jan 6:    Webshop: This is temporarily closed for construction reasons. And because i want to focus on more English translations first, that will take a while, i think.

jan 21:    Theory: Memoirs as selfie: Are memoirs as selfies, and if so, are they enemies, or perhaps allies of love?

jan 29:    Silly Walks (7): In the dunes, with trees.

feb 4:    At the kitchen table (4): Some radicalised people came over.

feb 11:    Steps (22): Stairs in spaces.: Layering in sets and designs for theatre and film.

feb 15:    The Work and Income Files: All Job Applications: new item about all kinds of jobseekers sufferings.

feb 16:    The Dream Files: All Dreams: Looking for the exit, and when you finally find it and go through, you are back inside again... sometimes dreams are very much like real life.

feb 18:    Klotestad recipes: Smash-it-sauce, the one and only food to kill job interviews with! Loose and win!

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