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Welcome at Radio Klotestad!    [nederlands]

This English section has some amount of items translated, but, as you may have noticed, after 2 years of struggling with translating and little time to write, i decided to only translate a part, and not all items. Still every now and then some newly translated items will appear here: longer stories and poetry mainly.
You can still have updates through the RSS subscription (at the bottom of this page), although this won't be every week, i guess.

At 'index' you can find all English items, via tags or a list of indexes. Be aware i have to still change things in it, delete some items and words and names, so you may find non-existing links the coming weeks.

   Want to have a quick look at Hannah Celsiusesessss's portfolio? CLICK HERE!

   Harbour #1, spring 2024     an anarchist literary journal

Stories, poetry and art by anonymous, Anonymous graf artists, Jacob Coffin, Jon O'Mercy and Juniper C. Rhodes, and me, in this new, freely available journal by Scrappy Capy Distro. Download it for free, or find it at one of your fav anarchist spaces in Berlin.

Newly added items
jan 6 and it's almost jun 6!:    Webshop is closed due to all kinds of reasons.

apr 16:    Arcade: Love and sadness in a classical Roman ambiance.

may 23:    Because of the terrible amount of work of translating everything in English, i stopped enjoying writing. It started to feel like a burden, instead of a joy. So i had to do something, and i choose to delete most of the English translations. Only larger stories and some poetry i will still translate. I'm sorry, it was such a great idea. But the whole of this site is handmade, everything here is done by hand, and not automated, so that's already lots of work.
In order to keep me writing i had to make some choices, and this is one of them. Perhaps you could use your browser to translate other Dutch items?

jun 4:    Poetry: Considerations. Written for the drawings of the same name.

jun 13:    Grip: a not very hopefull message from nomansland.

jul 20:    SKLOG: also just continues as if nothing is wrong.

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