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A heavy grey clouded sky, with a bit of sun trying to peep through, and a small part of a pancake serving building with some chimney with two birds on it, and one bird flying. A blue sky with some low white clouds, behind a part of a reddish roof, with a large chimney on top, and part of a tree on the left. A grey sky and a part of a chimney, seen from behind a window with some rain on it, a small part of the windowsill seen on the right. Blurry clouded blue sky as seen from within some window sill A dark sky with a bright full moon, a bit blurred, and the roofs of some houses A bluetifull sunrise as seen from within a window sill, some houses too Rainy skies as seen from a window with many rain slurs and drops.
© 1993-2150 Hannah Celsius

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